Born in Moldova but now studying in Romania, Daniela is a firm believer in youth engagement and is committed to making a positive change in society.

Daniela is a 19-year-old International Relations and European Studies student at Babes-Bolyai University, chasing her ambitions with the assistance of World Vision Romania. Program “I want to go to school” of the foundation, enables Daniela and many other young people to participate in workshops and activities that develop their skills in studying and life, while also receiving financial support.

Of the organization World Vision in Romania

World Vision is an international humanitarian organization that focuses on the protection, well-being, and development of children, families, and communities, especially in vulnerable and impoverished areas.

In Romania, World Vision has been working for years to improve the living conditions of children and their families through various programs and initiatives. They believe that every child, regardless of the social or cultural context they come from, has the right to equal development opportunities in a safe and healthy environment. They therefore like to emphasize education, child protection and participation, rural development, and health.


Journalistic team at Invisible Cities 2024 in Cluj-Napoca Romania: Robbie Maes, Jennie Mariani-Cerati, Nini Natsvlishvili, Răzvan Prodan, Enikő Torhosi and Kaijaleena Runsten (coach).