Muntean Ionuț, the executive manager of the project ”O MASĂ CALDĂ”

“60-80 people a day saying thank you is more than enough, you don’t need money, statues or anything else.”

Muntean Ionuț

Muntean Ionuț has been working for O Masă Caldă for 6 and a half years.

O masa caldă

warm meal for the vulnerable


Muntean Ionuț is the executive manager for the project O Masă Caldă (“A Warm Meal”). Ionuț first started as a volunteer.

O Masă Caldă project started in Cluj, and it has been operating since June 2013.

They prepare food from Monday to Friday, including the holidays like Christmas and Easter. During the weekends they don’t serve food.

“On Fridays we give the beneficiaries some bread so that they can manage through the weekend.”

Even if there have been some difficult times during COVID and inflation, they have been able to keep their positive state of mind.

“Everybody who comes here are volunteers, they are not compelled to come here. That way the atmosphere is very cozy, and there’s no stress.”

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